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Best platforms for business opportunities in Ghana

The world's digitization is exceptionally useful to businesses. Businesses can now advertise their products online, gain traction, and interact with customers from any location. However, do you know that there are uncountable business opportunities that you can tap to give your business the chance to thrive in this evolving world? In this article, we will share five platforms that will transform your business for the better. Follow us for more in the future.

1. Finnovating: Revolutionizing Business Connections and Deals

Finnovating is the first ai-integrated startup matching platform. Whether you are a start-up, a corporation, or an investor, Finnovating has you covered. Here are some features that will benefit any up-and-coming start-up.

- Key Features:

  • Get access to partners, clients, and providers to scale your company.

  • Access to Banks and Insurance companies.

  • Contact with Investors to raise capital

  • For Corporations, Access the best Innovation Solutions.

  • For Investors, Discover and connect with the largest XTech Ecosystem in the world.

  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and communication

  • Launch your investment challenges in minutes.

  • Safety measures to protect sensitive information during negotiations.

  • In-depth profile analysis to match businesses with suitable investors or deals

Sign up for Finnovating here:

2. African Business Angel Network: Connecting businesses across Africa and the diaspora

At its core, ABAN exists to educate angel investment groups, promote the creation of new Angel Investor networks, create a contact point for emerging and existing networks, and support members in building African early-stage investing ecosystems. In parallel, ABAN engages policymakers serving as a source of thought leadership on angel investing on the African continent.

- Key Features:

  • Access to a wide range of Angel Investors all across Africa and the diaspora

  • A diverse range of investment opportunities catering to different industries and sectors

  • Publication and Industry report

  • Angel Investing Toolkit

Access funding opportunities on ABAN here:

3. Ghana Angel Investor Network: Opportunities for Businesses of All Sizes in Ghana.

GAIN was launched in 2011 by the Venture Capital Trust Fund. In 2021, Impact Investing Ghana, the Ghana National Advisory Board for Impact Investing took over the hosting of the GAIN secretariat. GAIN was restructured into the apex body for angel networks in Ghana to support the creation and growth of angel networks. In addition, together they bring a small group of leading angel investors in Ghana who invest in small and growing businesses.

- Key Features:

  • Funding opportunities for businesses in Ghana.

  • A diverse range of investment opportunities catering to different industries and sectors

  • Periodic meetups with Investors and entrepreneurs.

Access funding opportunities on GAIN here:

Conclusion: Leveraging the Power of Online Platforms to Connect Businesses with Deals and Investors online platforms for business connections, connecting businesses with investors, online deal platforms, unlocking business opportunities

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