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Northern (Wa &Tamale)

Co-creation in Wa and Tamale:  


The RIC Co-Creation workshops at Wa and Tamale took place in Yison Tech Hun and HOPin Academy respectively. We experienced very animated teamwork presentation sessions in both regions.


Co-creation in Kumasi:


Kumasi’s Co-Creation Workshop was held at hapaSpace, the one-day event was attended by people across academia, innovators and researchers across the Ashanti, Bono, Ahafo and Bono East regions.



Co-creation in Takoradi


Duapa Werkspace was the venue for the Co-Creation in Takoradi with participants from across the Western, and Central regions in attendance. We saw brainstorming sessions that birthed some brilliant ideas among the teams formed during the workshop.


Co-creation workshop in Accra (Days 1&2)

Accra had two-day workshop sessions where participants were evenly divided over the two days to ensure everyone maximized the event.

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