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Building a career in this very fast-moving world we live in does not always happen with full-time employment. Sometimes you need to do some internships and engage in some volunteer work to build your skills and confidence. This is what we will be discussing on iSpace Resource Center today. Today, we will be exploring some organizations that provide virtual internship opportunities to people in the early stages of their careers.


Let's start with Forage. Launched in 2017, Forage invented the virtual work experience. They give any student, from any diverse starting point in the world, the chance to see behind the curtains of the best companies around the world and start careers there–100% free & self-paced. You can intern with Fortune 500 companies, get insights into the kinds of projects they manage, and build a solid resume through these experiences.

You can click here to get access to this opportunity:

Data Glacier

Data Glacier is a 13-week virtual internship opportunity that can be extended for university students. The goodies are; No logging hours, access to mentors, Data Glacier will not use the work of interns but interns can brand and use their own work to add to their portfolio, webinars, and certificate of completion. Not so good: No contract or stipends. However, these kinds of opportunities should be grasped and taken advantage of.

Virtual Internships

Virtual Internships is a VC-backed, high-growth startup, that provides that matches people in the early stages of their careers to virtual internship opportunities. You simply sign up and tell them what you are looking for. You will be then matched to companies that fit your descriptions. This opportunity gives you real-world work experience in your chosen field and region, access to expert coaching, and award-winning courses to sharpen your skills and better your college credit score.

Click here to sign up:


Olivia Adedokun

Community Manager

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