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Role Title: Commercialisation Process Facilitator 

Reporting To: Project Director 

Duration: July 2023 - September 2023 


iSpace Foundation, an innovation hub based in Accra, Ghana, is embarking on a one-year project titled Research, Innovation, and Commercialisation (R.I.C). This project seeks to connect stakeholders of the research and innovation value chain, develop resources, and gather data to define the R2C value chain with considerations for a select number of industries. This project will contribute to the creation of an enabling environment for researchers and research organisations. At the end of the project, R2C stakeholders will have greater clarity on how to collaborate with other groups to commercialise research and innovations. 

The RIC project is a national project with activities that can support entities in all regions of Ghana and has a high potential for poverty reduction and inclusive growth. There are four key elements: Ideation (Research), Collaboration, Implementation, and Value Creation (Commercialisation). The project will engage various types of players that are fundamental to strengthening the ecosystem as key ecosystem enablers including finance, legal, academia, researchers, and innovation hubs. 

To build local capacity to meet international standards, iSpace will contribute to skills development and knowledge sharing in challenge areas which may include documentation, the process of translating research and innovation into commercialised activities, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) considerations and frameworks, and strengthening soft skills of stakeholders to secure partnerships and funding. 

The project brings innovation hubs, researchers, practitioners, innovators, and funders together for the first time and addresses the bottlenecks that affect prototyping, funding, strategy, and ownership (intellectual property). 


The Commercialisation Process Facilitator plays an essential role in the RIC project. S/he will facilitate hybrid capacity-building workshops for a group of stakeholders in these 5 regions (Wa, Tamale, Kumasi, Takoradi & Accra) to understand the end-to-end process of Commercialising products or services. S/he will focus on utilising the best training methods to ensure teams are fully competent in applying the Commercialisation process to their ideas. 


● Development of training materials on the commercialisation process.

● Facilitate workshops, teaching the commercialisation process of prototypes.

● Submit a comprehensive final report on each team's learning outcomes, including findings, and recommendations. 

● Continuous support for one (1) week, after the final report, is submitted. (if clarity is needed) 


The facilitator has to ensure that s/he has obtained the necessary permissions with regard to intellectual property rights required to perform his/her services under this contract and for the subsequent dissemination by iSpace Foundation in any form. Documentary proof is to be submitted to iSpace. S/he shall further ensure the necessary accreditation is obtained for the event(s), as required. Should any license fee be due for the use of copyrighted materials by third parties, the facilitator shall bear the cost. 


3 months 


1. Demonstrated expertise in innovation processes 

2. Excellent understanding of innovation process for commercialisation of products and services 

3. Excellent oral and written communication skills, with report writing experience 

4. Computer literate in MS Office applications (PowerPoint, Excel, and Word). 


● A postgraduate Degree in Art, Social Sciences, or a related field. 

● Knowledge of Commercialisation Methods for startups 

● A certified facilitator from a recognised institution. 


● Minimum 4 years of professional work experience in facilitating training programs and workshops in the field of Innovation Processes. 

● Experience developing Innovation Process training materials or other relevant documents to explain concepts and processes. 


The facilitator is required to have excellent communication skills in English and any other local dialect is desirable. 


Prospective candidates are invited to submit the following: 

1. Cover letter in response to the TOR 

2. Proposed approach/methodology

3. Service fee (Ghana Cedis)

Deadline: Monday 24th April 2023 by 5 pm (GMT) 

Apply via this link:

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